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Italy: Mahmood and Blanco confirmed Eurovision

photo credits: Rai

Good news for the fans of Mahmood and Blanco: they confirmed that they will be happy to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. Yesterday evening, or better, this night, the duo won the famous Festival of Sanremo. The winner of the contest is always the first choice for Eurovision.

It was Mahmood who caused the rule that, before the contest, artists already have to tell Italian broadcaster RAI whether they wanna go to Eurovision or not. In 2019, Mahmood also won the festival of Sanremo. Enthousiasticly he said yes to Eurovision at the winners’ press conference. Later he started to doubt and wanted to think about it. The hashtag #Mahmood4Eurovision became trending topic in Italy.

Mahmood and Blanco said that the decision about singing entirely in Italian or partly in English has not been made yet.


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