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Ireland makes a choice: Brooke Scullion

7-win record holder Ireland has a new representative. The country chose Brooke Scullion to do the job with the song “That’s rich”. The song is written and composed by the singer herself with Izzy Warner and Karl Zine. Here are the full results:

  1. Brooke Scullion, “That’s rich”, 28 pts.
  2. Janet Grogan, “Ashes of yesterday”, 24 pts.
  3. Miles Graham, “Yeah, we’re going to get out of it”, 24 pts.
  4. Patrick O’Sullivan, “One night, one kiss, one promise”, 22 pts.
  5. Rachel Goode, “I’m loving me”, 16 pts.
  6. Brendan Murray, “Real love”, 12 pts.


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