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In the Spotlights: Cornelia Jakobs

Tomorrow is the 2nd semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. One of the contenders for the win next Saturday is Sweden, represented by Cornelia Jakobs. But who is she?

Cornelia Jakobs was born on March 9, 1992 as Anna Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson, in Nacka – Sweden.

Her father Jakob Samuels was the singer of the Swedish glamour metal band “The Poodles”. Because of this she came into contact with music from a young age.

In 2008 she took her first steps in the music world. She auditioned, unsuccessfully, for Swedish Idols.

In 2011 and 2012 she participated in the “Melodifestivalen” (the Swedish preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest). As part of the girl group “Love Generation” she failed to reach the final of the Swedish preliminary round both times.


Love Generation in 2011

In 2021 she participated again in the Melodifestivalen, but now as a songwriter. For Efraim Leo, she co-wrote the song “Best of Me”. Once again, it failed to reach the final.

In 2022 she decides to participate as a solo artist in the Melodifestivalen, and with success this time. With 146 points she wins the final, and represents Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with the song “Hold Me Closer”.


There is no doubt that she will qualify tomorrow. Goodluck to Cornelia!



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