Czech Republic: It’s We Are Domi

After a week of voting, in the end the band We Are Domi won the Czech national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. They will sing the song “Lights off”. Czech TV announced the winner tonight!

The full results are:

  1. We Are Domi with “Lights off”, 21 pts.
  2. Elis Mraz with “Imma be”, 17 pts.
  3. Giudy with “Jezinky”, 15 pts.
  4. Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana with “By now”, 12 pts.
  5. Skywalker with “Way down”, 12 pts.
  6. Annabelle with “Running out of F* time”, 11 pts.
  7. The Valentines with “Stay or go”, 6 pts.



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