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Culinary Turin – the best places to visit during Eurovision 2022

Last week we told you all about the highlights and must sees. This week, we’re taking a deep dive in all things foods and drinks. In doubt about where to go after a long day of exploring the city? Or looking for a place to dance the night away after watching the Eurovision show? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Turin is known for its sports cars and… Chocolate! And obviously we’re in Italy, so pasta, pizza and wines are top notch where ever you go. There are a lot of options, so as a foodie you will not be short of anything when visiting this beautiful city. We have made a small selection of some of the best restaurants and bars. Since Turin is rather overflowing with tourists, we do recommend making reservations ahead of time.


Crostone is a perfect place for a quick bite. You can even place your order in advance when you’re in a hurry to get to Pala Olympica in time for the show. This restaurant is vegetarian friendly and relatively cheap. 


Just is a very popular bar in the city centre of Turin. This place is very suitable for some pre-party drinks and a small bite. While enjoying a good cocktail, you get a nice view of one of the most beautiful squares in Turin; Piazza Vittoria Venezo.

Infusion Cafe Bistro

We would describe Infusion as a very cosy cafe. The staff is very friendly and the options are endless. From your traditional coffee orders, to soy cappuccinos, Infusion has it all. This bistro is perfect to pay a visit for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Ca Dij Mat

In the mood for a home cooked meal but still feel like eating out? Ca Dij Mat is the perfect fit for you! This restaurant specialises in authentic and traditional dishes and has a wide selection of wines to match with your meal. Pay a visit to this place during an evening where you have a little more time for a sit down dinner, to make the most of your evening.


Queever is one of the most known gay bars in Turin. This bar is found in the San Salvario area and just a 10 minute Uber ride away from the Pala Olympico, wink wink. On May 14th, there’s a special Eurovision event in collaboration with Club Centralino. Check their website for details.


COVID-19 restrictions are still present in some parts of the world. We don’t want any unpleasant surprises for you upon arrival. Check the website of the official Italian authorities, before heading off to Turin. Safe travels!

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