Senhit about Flo Rida: “I didn’t know”

Senhit represented San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest. She did this in cooperation with Flo Rida. During the rehearsal week, Senhit was acting mysteriously about the presence of the rapper. During the rehearsals there was a stand in, Italian rapper Don Jiggy. At the press conferences, Senhit said “we have to wait and see” and “We all have to find out”, about Flo Rida’s presence in Rotterdam. The crown she was wearing contained, at the 2nd rehearsal, pictures of Flo Rida and questionmarks (see photo). It all seemed a way to hype Flo Rida.

However, in a tweet Senhit claims even she did not know! “Until the very last moment, I did not know if he could make it. I pretended to create a mystery around him, but the truth is that it was not simple to travel from the USA. It was wonderful. We rehearsed and the chemistry between us exploded immediately”.

Senhit and Flo Rida reached the final and became 22nd in the Eurovision Song Contest.

photo credits: EBU/Thomas Hanses



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