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Zlata Ognevich

© Albin Olsson


Quick Facts

Zlata Leonidivna Ognevich, born Bordiuh

12 January 1986

🇺🇦 Ukrainian

National Selection
Evrobachennya 2013 – Natsionalniy Vidbir
Evrobachennya 2011 – Natsionalniy Vidbir

In Eurovision
2013 Malmö

Gravity (2013)


Inna Leonidivna Bordyug was born on in Murmansk. As a child, she lived in Leningrad and Minsk. Inna started playing music in Sudak, where she moved with her family at the age of 5.

At the age of 18, she entered the Kyiv Institute of Music. During her studies, she was a member of a Latin band and a vocalist of the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  She has a voice range of 3.5 octaves.

In May 2009, she won the First Singing Radio Host contest from Kyiv Business Radio, where she worked for three months.

In 2010, Zlata Ognevich’s first solo song “Ostrov lyubvy” was released. The clip got into the rotation of music channels and during the first weeks occupied the leading places of the hit parades.

In March of the same year, Ognevich entered the top five performers of the national selection of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, where she participated with the English-language version of her debut single “Tiny Island”.

In May, the second song “Anhely” was released.Ognevich became the voice of TM “Korona” advertising campaign with the song “Prystrastʹ”.

In the summer, she presented a joint track with DJ Shamshudinov “Kiss”. The video clip for this song was shot in July 2010 near Kyiv.

In December, Zlata Ognievich, teamed up with Asan Bilyalov, won the third season of the talent show Narodna Zirka.

In February 2011, she took part in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time with the song “The kukusha”. In the final she took second place.

In the summer of 2011, diplomats of the Embassy of Argentina awarded Zlata Ognievich with the title “The Best Voice of Ukraine”. She performed as a special guest at the international competition “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk.

In the fall of 2011, Zlata Ognievich represented Ukraine at the First International Competition of Young Performers, held as part of the Crimea Music Fest festival in Yalta, where she won the First Prize and the “Zoryanyi Konik” prize of journalistic sympathy.

In December 2012, Zlata Ognievich won the national selection with the song “Gravity”, and in May 2013, she represented Ukraine at the 58th Eurovision Song Contest, where she took third place. After the competition, she received a Certificate of Honor from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and a watch from Prime Minister Mykola Azarov for her exceptional contribution to the development of Ukrainian art.

On November 30, 2013, together with Timur Miroshnychenko, she hosted the 11th Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Kyiv.

In January 2014, she took 2nd place with the Donetsk Choir in the TV show Bytvy khoriv. In the same year, she received an award for Singer of the Year.

At the end of August 2018, Ognievich, together with Dmytro Zhuk, became a participant in the show “Dancing with the Stars”. On December 18 of the same year, the premiere of Ognievich’s debut album “Grani” took place,. The album included eight compositions. The singer collaborated with the author and composer Mykhailo Nekrasov on the three already published compositions “Tantsyuvaty”, “Do mene”, “Doloni” and the new “Yedynyy”. The track “Spovidʹ” was written in co-authorship with Katya Rohova, the arrangement of which was worked on by singer Constantine and producer Yevhen Filatov. Oleksandr Lozovsky wrote “Chekay” and the Dynamika Music team worked on the track “Syla” together with Kyryll Matyushenko. The album also included the Ukrainian folk song “Chom ty ne pryyshov” in a modern arrangement.

On May 23, 2019, Ognievich released a music video for the song “Solodka kara”. The final of the popular show “Maska” (The Masked Singer) took place in 2016, in which the Sun won. Zlata Ognievich was hiding behind the mask of this character.

In 2021, Zlata Ognevich became the heroine of the show “Bachelorette-2”. In July 2022 she released a new video, “Svitlo”, a song dedicated to rescuers who have to go to places after bombings. In December she released the single “Yak meni buty”. She teamed up with Shumei for a duet “Burevyamy”, which was released in April 2023.



🇺🇦 Ukraine



Karen Kavaleryan

Mikhail Nekrasov

Ann Bailey-Simons
Hollie Petrie
Cleveland Watkiss
Dasha Mineyeva

Igor Vovkovinskiy

Results Semi

Points: 140
Position: 3
Running order: 7

Results Finals

Points: 214
Position: 3
Running order: 22