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Waterloo & Robinson

Group members:Hans Kreuzmayr (Waterloo)
Josef Krassnitzer (Robinson)
National Finals:song.null.vier 2004
ESC Entries:My little world (1976)


Hans Kreuzmayr and Sepp Krassnitzer got to know each other in 1969, when Kreuzmayr was looking for an employee for the outfit design for his boutique. At that time both sang and played in local bands. They decided to make music together, where they were announced at the first appearances – because they didn’t have a band name yet – as Edward Brothers.
In 1971 they finished third at the ‘Show-Chance’, “Du kannst sehen” (a song about a blind girl). This was followed by the successes “Lili’s Haus,” “Baby Blue” (the first European hit) and the worldwide hit “Hollywood”. In June 1974, they were at the places 1 and 2 at the Austrian charts. 
At the Eurovision Song Contest 1976 they reached the 5th place with “My Little World” for Austria. In 1978 they made the movie “Wild Land” in Kenya, from which an album was made called “Wild, Wild Land”.
In the meantime, success shifted more and more to Germany. When “Do you remember Marianne” appeared in 1979, this remained relatively unnoticed in Austria, having reached gold in Germany in a short time. They were permanent guests in the ZDF hit parade. The lack of success in Austria however led to disagreements. In 1981, the pop duo split up.
Waterloo made a solo album that was a success in Austria.  In Germany, he was the first Austrian to receive an award for best German singer. Also from Robinson madesome solo albums, besides, he also participated in many productions of young artists at that time. But it was much quieter around him.
After about ten years of separation, there were first attempts to try again together. They played together at a concert in 1989 and 1990. But both also made solo projects.
At the concerts of Waterloo & Robinson, Native American influenced songs alternated with the hits from the 1970s, but also new material. In 2002, the two released the single “Na Naa, Nanana – Live Is Life” (cover of the opus hit), and ended up in the Austrian charts for seven weeks, right after being released as the smash hit of the week. In 2004, they reached second place in the Austrian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with “You Can Change the World”.
In mid-2007, they decided to concentrate on their solo projects live as well.


Artist:Waterloo & Robinson
Song:My little world
Lyrics:Gerhard Heinz
Composer(s):Gerhard Heinz
Conductor:Erich Kleinschuster
Running order:14