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Waldo’s People


Quick Facts

Karoliina Kallio
Capri Virkkunen
Päivi Selo
Sami Lehto (not on stage)
Karl Sinkkonen (not on stage)
Kimmo Nissinen (not on stage)


🇫🇮 Finnish

National Selection
Euroviisut 2009

In Eurovision
2009 Moscow

Lose Control (2009)


Waldo’s People is a Finnish electronic dance music group that became famous in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The group is led by a talented musician known as Waldo, whose real name is Marko Reijonen. Waldo’s People created energetic and catchy dance music that captured the hearts of many fans in Finland and beyond.

The band’s journey began in the late 1990s when electronic dance music was becoming very popular. Waldo’s People quickly made a name for themselves with their unique sound. They released their first album, “Waldo’s People,” in 1998. This album featured the hit single “U Drive Me Crazy,” which became a big success, reaching number 3 on the Finnish charts and even charting in Sweden. The album itself also did well, reaching number 6 on the Finnish charts. The success of this album was a significant achievement and helped the band gain even more popularity.

Following their successful debut, Waldo’s People continued to produce great music. They released their second album, “No Man’s Land,” in 2000. This album included popular tracks like “I Dream,” “Let’s Get Busy,” and “1000 Ways,” the latter reaching number 4 on the Finnish charts. The album itself again reached number 6 in Finland. Their music is known for its upbeat and danceable tunes.

In the early 2000s, Waldo’s People continued to influence the Finnish electronic dance music scene. In 2001, they released singles like “Remedy” and “Disconnected,” keeping their presence in the music scene alive. However, after a few years of success, the band took a break and was not as active.

In 2008, Waldo’s People made a big comeback. They released a new single called “Back Again” on May 19, 2008, which reached number 1 on the Finnish charts. This comeback was followed by a compilation album, “Back Again: The Greatest Hits,” which included many of their popular songs and reached number 27 on the Finnish charts. This comeback was exciting for their fans, who had missed their energetic music.

The following year, in 2009, Waldo’s People achieved another milestone. They released their third album, “Paranoid,” which reached number 13 in Finland. They were also selected to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest. They performed the song “Lose Control” in the semifinals on May 12, 2009, in Moscow. Band members Sami Lehto, Karl Sinkkonen and Kimmo Nissinen were not on stage at the event. The performance was a success, and the band made it to the finals with the help of the jury votes. In the finals, they performed second to last. Although they finished in last place with 22 points, it was one of the highest point totals ever for a song that placed last in the Eurovision finals. This was still a proud moment for the band and their fans.

In 2010, they continued to release new music, with singles like “I Wanna Be a Rockstar,” which reached number 15 in Finland, and “Jackpot,” which reached number 19. They followed up with more singles such as “Echo” in 2011 and “You” in 2014, maintaining their presence in the music industry.

In 2019 Waldo’s People teamed up with Movetron for the song “Nousee”, Oku Luukkainen featuring in the song. 


Lose Control

🇫🇮 Finland



Ari Lehtonen
Annie Kratz-Gutå

Ari Lehtonen

Niko Virtanen
Anton Kasmir Jolma

Results Semi

Points: 42
Position: 12 (saved by the jury)
Running order: 15

Results Finals

Points: 22
Position: 25
Running order: 24