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Quick Facts

Tulia Biczak
Dominika Siepka
Patrycja Nowicka
Joanna Sinkiewicz


🇵🇱 Polish

National Selection
Internal selection 2019

In Eurovision
2019 Tel Aviv

Fire of Love (Pali się) (2019)


Tulia is a Polish music band, founded in Szczecin in 2017. In October 2017, they recorded and published their version of Depeche Mode’s hit “Enjoy the Silence”, In February 2018, they released an official music video for “Enjoy the Silence”, which soon after its premiere received over 3.5 million views on YouTube . In the same month, they published a music video for a cover of Dawid Podsiadło’s song “Nieznajomy”, which reached over 10 million views on YouTube. On May 25, 2018, they released their debut studio album, simply called “Tulia”, which featured covers of songs by Polish artists and two original compositions; they published five additional songs on the extended version of the album, including covers of songs by Depeche Mode and Metallica. The album obtained the platinum status, selling in more than 30,000 copies. copies. They performed the song “Jeszcze Cię nie ma” during the “Premiery” concert as part of the 55th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, where they won three awards: the jury and audience award and a special award from ZAiKS, the society of authors in Poland.

In November 2018, they released a re-edition of their debut album, enriched with five original songs, among others “Pali się”. On February 15, 2019, they were announced as representatives of Poland in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, where they performed the song “Fire of Love (Pali się)”. Even before participating in the competition, they received the “Fryderyk” Phonographic Academy Award for their phonographic debut of the year. The group reached the 11th place in the first semifinal.

On August 1, Joanna Sinkiewicz left the team, explaining the decision with health issues. In the same month, the other singers performed at the Pol’and’Rock Festival.

In May 2021, they released their second studio album entitled “Półmrok”, which was promoted by the singles: “Rzeka”, “Burza”, “Marcowy” and “Przepięknie”. In November 2021, they released a Christmas album entitled “Nim gwiazda zgaśnie”.


Song Title

🇵🇱 Poland



Sonia Krasny
Allan Rich
Jud Friedmann

Nadia Dalin


Results Semi

Points: 120
Position: 11
Running order: 4

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –