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Seid Memić-Vajta

Name:Seid Memić-Vajta
National Finals:Jugovizija 1981, 1982, 1986, 1987
ESC Entries:Leila (1981)


Seid Memić-Vajta is a famous Bosnian singer, born in Travnik. In the 1960s, he sang in a group called Veseli Akordi. Vajta regards 1973 as the beginning of his professional music career. In 1975, with the rock band Teška industrija, he recorded the first single with the songs “U.F.O.” and “Caravan” and is experiencing great success. In 1978, he won the first prize at the festival Vaš šlager sezone as a solo singer with the song “Samo jednom srce voli”. His 1979 album “Zlatna ribica” brought him great popularity. The record became platina, and Vajta was named the singer of the year.
In 1981, he represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Leila”. In the same year, he won the Festival of Split with “Mornarevom pjesmom” and is again named the Singer of the Year, as in 1982. In that year he was the winner of the festival Vaš šlager sezone with the song “Naša pisma”. He has appeared frequently on television, in show programs, as well as in the award-winning children’s show ‘Nedjeljni zabavnik’. Also, he starred in two films in Yugoslavia. At the beginning of the war, he moved to Hamburg, where he currently lives while still pursuing music.


Artist:Seid Memić-Vajta
Lyrics:Ranko Bodan
Composer(s):Ranko Bodan
Conductor:Ranko Rihtman
Backings:Ismeta Dervoz-Krvavac
Jadranka Stojaković
Neda Ukraden
Running order:17