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Sandra & Andres

Group members:Sandra Reemer
Dries Holten
National Finals:Nationaal Songfestival 1972
ESC Entries:Als het om de liefde gaat (1972)


Sandra & Andres were a Dutch duo. In 1966 Sandra Reemer and Dries Holten were introduced to eachother by producer Hans van Hemert. So far, Sandra had a solo career and Dries worked as a producer. In 1968, they had their first top-10 hit in the Dutch charts: “Storybook children”. It seemed like a one hit wonder, until 1970 and 1971, when several songs reachted the top-10, such as “Let us pray together”, Love is all around”, “Those words” and “Que je t’aime”. In 1971, they also took part in the festival Viña del Mar in Chile and a song contest in Malaga.
Sandra & Andres were asked to represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972. They were one of the favourites to win the contest. It was a 4th place in the end, but the song “Als het om de liefde gaat” became an international hit in the English version “What do I do?”. The duo was invited to sing the song “Auntie” for the 50th birthday of British broadcaster BBC. The song was written by Hans van Hemert and also included Demis Roussos, Hildegard Knef, Enrico Macias, Alice Babs and Vicky Leandros.
In 1975 the duo split up. Dries Holten formed the duo Rosy & Andres. They took part in the 1976 national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. So did Sandra Reemer, who started a solocareer.


Country:The Netherlands
Artist:Sandra & Andres
Song:Als het om de liefde gaat
Lyrics:Hans van Hemert
Composer(s):Dries Holten
Conductor:Harry van Hoof
Backings:Judith Damstee
Laetitia Dekker
Yvonne Paay
Wanda Stellaard
Running order:18