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Samantha Janus

Name:Samantha Zoe Janus
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1991
ESC Entries:A message to your heart (1991)


Samantha Janus, currently known as Sam Womack, is a British actress, model and director in film. She first attempted to get a career in singing. In 1991, she represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest. After Eurovision, she reconsidered her career plans. 
Janus did have some acting experience, as she played a role in a film adaption of “Jekyl and Hyde”, so it was no big step to acting. She rose to fame in the mid-90s with a role in the tv-series “Game on”. In 1999 she starred as Cinderella in the ITV Christmas pantomime. She was a popular choice for photo shoots in men’s magazines such as FHM, she came 21st in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll in 1998 and 41st in 1999. At the beginning of this century, she returned to BBC and played a role in drama series “Strange” and in several films. From 2007 until 2011, she played one of the main characters in “Eastenders”; from 2013 to 2017 she returned to the series. In 2017, she played Mortizia in the musical comedy “The Addams Family”.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Samantha Janus
Song:A message to your heart
Lyrics:Paul Curtis
Composer(s):Paul Curtis
Conductor:Ronnie Hazlehurst
Backings:Nicky Belsher
Lucy Moreby
Zoë Pico
Running order:20