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Ruth Jacott

Name:Ruth Jacott
National Finals:Nationaal Songfestival 1993
ESC Entries:Vrede (1993)


Ruth Jacott is a Dutch singer and actress of Surinam origin. Born in Paramaribo, she came to the Netherlands when she was 9 years old. In 1986, she won the Knokke Cup as a member of the Dutch team. She played roles in musicals such as “Cats” and “A night at the Cotton Club”. Already in 1992, she was a backing vocal in the Eurovision Song Contest. One year later, she represented the Netherlands with the song “Vrede”. Her debut album came out shortly after the contest. One year later a second album was there. When her third album was released, she started making tours through the Dutch theatres. From February 2011, Jacott was featured in her onewoman show Simply the best, in which she sang songs from singers of the past she admired and told her life story between the songs. From October 2012 Jacott once again toured the theaters with a new show tour under the name “A lady on stage”, her most personal show to date, with her own songs but also choices from the repertoire of Tina Turner and Billie Holiday. She also played the main role in a musical about Billie Holiday. 


Country:The Netherlands
Artist:Ruth Jacott
Lyrics:Henk Westbroek
Composer(s):Eric van Tijn
Jochem Fluitsma
Conductor:Harry van Hoof
Backings:Humphrey Campbell
Rocq E-Harell
Han van Eijck
Julya Lok’o
Pim Roos
Running order:20