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Raphael Gualazzi


Quick Facts

Raffaele Gualazzi

11 November 1981

🇮🇹 Italian

National Selection
Festival di SanRemo 2020
Festival di SanRemo 2013
Festival di SanRemo 2011

In Eurovision
2011 Düsseldorf

Madness Of Love (2011)


Raphael Gualazzi is an Italian musician, born in Urbino. In 2005 his debut album Love Outside the Window was released. In the same year he participated in festivals such as Fano Jazz, Trasimeno Blues, the Java Festival of Jakarta and the Argo Jazz, Ravello International Festival. Gualazzi was invited to perform in Vermont and New Hampshire as part of the The History & Mystery of Jazz project, alongside musicians such as Michael Ray (Sun Ra Arkestra, Kool & the Gang), Steve Ferraris (Sun Ra Arkestra, Charlie Haden), Jamie Mc Donald, Nick Cassarino, Bob Gullotti and John McKenna.

He caught the attention of the general public thanks to the cover of the Fleetwood Mac-song “Don’t Stop”. In summer 2010 Raphael Gualazzi performed at the Heineken Jammin Festival, at Pistoia Blues and at the Giffoni Film Festival. In september he debuted at the Blue Notte in Milan and released his first EP.
Raphael Gualazzi took part in the 2011 Sanremo Festival with his song “Follia d’amore”.  He was chosen to represent Italy in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Madness of love”. In 2013, he participated in the Festival of Sanremo again. In January 2013 his third album, “Happy Mistake”, was released. In 2014, he was present at the Festival of SanRemo again.
In2016, after two years of absence from the scenes, he released a new album, “Love, life and peace”. In 2020, he participated in the festival of SanRemo again.
In June 2022 a new album, “Bar del sole”, was released. A Bar del Sole Tour was added. In October of the same year, Gualazzi toured through South Africa. In May 2023 he performed in Greece. Also in 2023, Gualazzi made the theme song for the Gioro d’Italia.

In October 2023, Gualazzi released a new album, called “Dreams”.


Madness Of Love

🇮🇹 Italy



Raphael Gualazzi

Raphael Gualazzi

Christian Chicco Marini
Luigi Faggi Grigioni
Manuele Montanari
Giuseppe Conte
Massimo Valentini

Results Semi

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –

Results Finals

Points: 189
Position: 2
Running order: 12