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Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson

Group members:Pearl Lavinia Carr
Edward Victor Johnson
National Finals:British national final 1959, 1960
ESC Entries:Sing little birdie (1959)


Pearl Carr (2-11-1923) and Teddy Johnson (4-9-1919) where a British duo. They already performed as successful soloists in the 1950s when they married in 1955. The duo gave several performances together before their real breakthrough came in 1959: they were chosen to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Sing little birdie” and became the runner up in the international final. “Sing little birdie” became an international hit. In 2011, the two confessed that when they participated in the national final, they did not have the slightest idea they were going to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest anyway.
With the songs “Pickin’ Petals” and “When The Tide Turns” they participated in the national final again. Funny fact is that Teddy’s brother Bryan Johnson won the contest that year. The duo scored one other hit, in 1961, “How wonderful to know”. 
Years later, in 1988, they both performed in the Westend musical “Follies”. At the end of this tour, in 1990, they decided to retire from showbussines. Teddy Johnson passed away on 6 june 2018, Pearl Carr on 16 february 2020.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson
Song:Sing little birdie
Lyrics:Syd Cordell
Composer(s):Stan Butcher
Conductor:Eric Robinson
Running order:10