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Patricia Kaas


Quick Facts

Patricia Noëlle Kaas

05 December 1966

🇫🇷 French

National Selection
Internal selection 2009

In Eurovision
2009 Moscow

Et s’il fallait le faire (2009)



Patricia Kaas is a well-known French singer and actress born on December 5, 1966, in Forbach, Moselle, France. She is famous for her unique voice and her contributions to the French music industry. Kaas started singing at a young age, influenced by her mother who loved music.

Kaas’s early career began with local performances in Saarbrücken, Germany. Her breakthrough came in 1985 with her first single, “Jalouse,” which was written by French songwriter François Bernheim. However, it was her next single, “Mademoiselle chante le blues,” released in 1987, that brought her significant attention. The song was a hit in France and helped her gain a wider audience.

In 1988, Patricia Kaas released her debut album, “Mademoiselle chante…,” which included popular tracks like “D’Allemagne” and “Mon mec à moi.” The album was a success, selling over one million copies in France. This album marked the beginning of her rise to fame.

Kaas continued to build on her success with her second album, “Scène de vie,” released in 1990. This album featured hits such as “Les hommes qui passent” and “Kennedy Rose.” The album did very well in France and other countries, further establishing her as a prominent singer.

In 1993, she released the album “Je te dis vous,” which included popular songs like “Entrer dans la lumière” and “Il me dit que je suis belle.” The album was successful, especially in Europe, and helped her reach international fame.

Kaas’s career also includes notable live performances and tours. Her 1998 album, “Le mot de passe,” featured the hit “Ma liberté contre la tienne.” She continued to release successful albums such as “Piano Bar” (2002) and “Sexe fort” (2003).

In addition to her music career, Patricia Kaas has acted in films and television. She starred in the 2002 movie “And now… Ladies and Gentlemen,” directed by Claude Lelouch. Her acting career added another dimension to her talents and helped her gain more recognition.

In 2009, Kaas represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Et s’il fallait le faire.” She finished in eighth place, which helped boost her popularity in Europe.

Throughout her career, Patricia Kaas has released several albums and performed around the world. Her music, which blends pop, jazz, and chanson, has won her many fans. Some of her other notable albums include “Kabaret” (2008) and “Patricia Kaas” (2016). 

She released a new single, “Confidential” in 2022


Et s’il fallait le faire

🇫🇷 France



Anse Lazio

Fred Blondin


Results Semi

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –

Results Finals

Points: 107
Position: 8
Running order: 3