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Novi Fosili

Group Members:

Sanja Doležal 

Rajko Dujmić 

Vladimir Kočiš 

Marinko Colnago 

Nenad Šarić

Active:1969-1991, 1997-2001, 2005-
National Finals:Yugolsav National Finals 1987
ESC Entries:Ja sam za ples (1987)
Website:Facebook/Novi Fosili


Novi Fosilis a Croatian pop band, one of the most popular music acts in former Yugoslavia.Their first successes came in 1976 when the composer Rajko Dujmić joined the band. That same year Novi Fosili played at the Split Festival, where their song “Diridonda” soon became a hit throughout the country. Their next several albums sold millions of copies and delivered many hits that are still aired on radios in Croatia today. The first female singer was Đurđica Barlović, in 1983 replaced by Sanja Doležal. The group’s male vocalists were Vladimir Kočiš Zec and Rajko Dujmić.After the breakup of the Yugoslavia, the group was disbanded, then gathered again, but without Doležal and Zec. It was disbanded again in 2001. Members of the most memorable lineup gathered again in 2005 for some revival concerts, and still work together.


Artist:Novi Fosili
Song:Ja sam za ples
Lyrics:Stevo Cvikić
Composer(s):Rajko Dujmić
Conductor:Nikica Kalogjera
Running order:21
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