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Name:Timo Tapio Kojo
National Finals:Euroviisut 1982
ESC Entries:Nuku pomiin (1982)


Timo Tapio Kojo, born in Helsinki is a Finnish rock-, soul- and funksinger. He made his first recordings as a soloist and second guitarist for a band called Madame George. Unfortunately, the band did not succeed, and Kojo began his solo career in 1978. The first few singles got some airplay on the radio. The album “So Mean”, released in 1979, was a success and even became favorite in discos and dancings. Most of the songs were written by Jim Pembroke. The album sold 25,132 copies and thus Kojo earned a golden disc, as did his second album. The third album was not a succes, so Kojo had to come up with something new. In early 1982, he released a hit album, “Hitparade”, featuring cover versions of old soul classics. 
Kojo’s singing career took a sharp turn and 1983’s Time Won’t Wait album failed. The next movement was to change the song language into Finnish. In 1985, Kojo released a Bee or Pop album with Jim Pembroke, and the following year, in 1986, an album called Rommia in the Rain, but the albums were not successful in Finnish. In 1982, he represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Nuku pomiin” (sleeping bomb). It was not a success, as Kojo didn’t get any points for the song, getting him the nickname Zero-Kojo. In 1990, the album “Pyöri maa, pyöri kuu” was selected as the Music Editors’ Album of the month in April 1990. Since then, Kojo has been involved in several projects, including: In 1993, a new  album was released and in the late 1990s a couple of children’s albums were recorded with Murrit.  Kojo released a duet single with Irina in 2003, and in the spring of 2006, he went on a show with Andy McCoy at the Beijing Hard Rock Cafe. In 2019, Kojo published a 198-page biography in Switzerland


Song:Nuku pomiin
Lyrics:Jim Pembroke
Composer(s):Juice Leskinen
Henrik-Otto Donner
Conductor:Ossi Runne
Backings:Juha Björninen
Keijo Hirvonen
Pave Maijanen
Jim Pembroke
Running order:6