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Nelly + Tim & Tony

Group members:Nelly Croatto
Tim Croatto
Tony Croatto
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Caracola (1964)


Los TNT were a Uruguayan vocal and instrumental rock and roll trio, popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The group was composed of three sibblings whose initials corresponded with the name of the band: Tony Croatto, Nelly Croatto and Tim Croatto. They were born in Attimis, Italy, but moved to Uruguay in 1946. In 1953 they formed the group Los TNT. In 1959 they moved to Buenos Aires, and started to perform on radio. In 1960 they recorded their first single, “Eso”. The song became a huge hit throughout Latin America. In December 1960 they recorded their first album, including “Eso” and other new hits such as “A Buenos Aires”, “Canción de amor”, “Dos caras tiene la Luna”, and many others. In 1961 they made their first tour through Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. In the same year they recorded their second album. They performed in the Mexican film “Fiebre de juventud”. In 1962 they signed with the Spanish record company Belter, with which they would record their next seven albums, based in Madrid, although without matching the success obtained in Latin America.
In 1964 they represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Caracola”. The rules of the festival at that time, which only allowed soloists and duets , forced them to go as soloist Nelly accompanied by the backings Tim and Tony.
In 1965 the trio released a new album. That same year they participated in the movie” Nacidos para cantar”, an Argentine-Mexican co-production. In 1966, Tim decided to leave the group, to settle in Argentina and devote himself to artistic production. There he founded the now mythical TNT studios. Nelly & Tony continued as a duo, until Nelly married in 1974 and decided to leave showbusiness. Tony then went on to perform solo and in the band Haciendo Punto En Otro Son. He also worked as a tv-show host. Tony Croatto passed away on april 3, 2005.


Artist:Nelly + Tim & Tony
Lyrics:Fina de Calderón
Composer(s):Fina de Calderón
Conductor:Rafael Ibarbia
Running order:16