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Münchener Freiheit

Group members:

Stefan Zauner
Aron Strobel
Rennie Hatzke
Michael Kunzi
Alex Grünwald

National Finals:
ESC Entries:Viel zu weit (1993)


Münchener Freiheit, also known as Freiheit, is a German band. They were established in the early eighties and released their first album in 1982. They released a few, very different, albums before they got their breakthrough. That happened in 1986, when they released an album with the title “Vom anfang an”. Two singles from that album became hitsingles: “Ohne dich (schlaf’ ich heute nacht nicht ein” and “Tausendmal du”. They released a new album, “Traumziel”, and decided to record songs from both albums in English for the international market. The result, the album “Romancing in the dark”, became a huge success in Greece, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. The band decided to re-record their next album entirely in English. The song “Keepin’ the dream alive” became their first and only hit in the UK. 
In the early nineties, it was quiet around the band. Zauner and Strobel released a spin-off project album. The comeback of the band was when they represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest. Münchener Freiheit did not release any new English studio albums anymore. However, they kept on making music in German. In 2012, Stefan Zauner left the band and was replaced by Tim Wilhelm. 


Artist:Münchener Freiheit
Song:Viel zu weit
Lyrics:Stefan Zauner
Composer(s):Stefan Zauner
Conductor:Norbert Daum
Running order:3