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Group Members:

Alice May (Alie de Vries)

Caren Wood ( Doetie de Vries)

Active:1979-1995, 2013
National Finals:Nationaal Songfestival 1990
ESC Entries:Ik wil alles met je delen (1990)


Maywood was a Dutch pop duo consisting of the sisters Alie and Doetie de Vries. Alie was born on December 20, 1954 while Doetie was born on February 24, 1954, both in Harlingen, The Netherlands. They grew up in a musical family, and both sisters began singing and performing at a young age.

Maywood’s career began in the late 1970s, when they signed with the Dutch record label EMI. Their debut single, “Since I Met You,” was released in 1979 and became a hit in the Netherlands. The duo quickly gained popularity in Europe and released several more successful singles, including “Mother How Are You Today,” “Rio,” and “Late At Night.”

Throughout the 1980s, Maywood continued to release hit singles and albums, and they became one of the most successful Dutch pop duos of the decade. They toured extensively in Europe and Asia and won numerous awards for their music.

In 1990, Maywood represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Ik wil alles met je delen”. The song finished in 15th place.

However, in 1995, Maywood announced their decision to disband. Alice and Caren decided to focus on their solo careers, and they both continued to perform and record music. In 2013, the sisters reunited for a one-off concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Eurovision participation.


Country:The Netherlands
Song:Ik wil alles met je delen
Lyrics:Alice May
Composer(s):Alice May
Conductor:Harry van Hoof

Jody Pijper

Dian Senders


Running order:5