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Madalena Iglesias

Name:Madalena Lucília Iglésias do Vale de Oliveira
National Finals:

Festival da Canção 1964, 1965, 1966, 1969

ESC Entries:Ele e ela (1966)


Madalena Iglésias was a Portuguese singer and actress. She was born in Lisbon, in the Santa Catarina neighborhood. She studied at the Conservatory. At the age of 15, joined the National Broadcasting Center for Artists Preparation.
In 1954, it made her debut on tv. Her international career began in 1959 with a performance on Spanish television. In 1960, she received the title of ‘Queen of Radio and Television’.
She represented Portugal in 1962 at the Benidorm Festival. In 1964, participates in the Festival da Canção with two songs. That year she won the Spanish-Portuguese Festival of Aranda de Duero and she made her film debut  in “Uma Hora de Amor”. She had a role in the movie “Canção da Saudade”.
Again, she participated in the Festival da Canção in 1965. It’s also the year when she sang “Poema de Nós Dois”, theme song of the movie “Passagem de Nível”. 
Madalena Iglésias won the 1966 Festival da Canção with “Ele e ela”, and thus represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Spanish version, “Él Y Ella”, was released in Spain, France and the Netherlands. In the same year, she reached the second place in the Festival of the Mediterranean, with the song “September”. She also won the Prémio da Hispanidade. The movie “Sarilho de Fraldas”. Several EPs are released by publisher Tecla de Jorge Costa Pinto. Other songs were released in 1968, by the Belter publisher, for the singer’s international promotion. This year, she reached 4th place in the Olimpíadas da Canção and goes to the Festival of Rio de Janeiro, where sings “Poema da vida”. In 1969, she participated in the Festival da Canção again.
Madalena Iglésias married in 1972, quit his singing career and moved to Venezuela. She stopped acting until her children were five years old. Then she returned to perform occasionally on Venezuelan television.
In 1987, Madalena moved to Barcelona. In 1991, she received a prestigious award. In 1994, Movieplay released a compilation of the singer in the series “O Melhor dos Melhores”.  In 2008 a photobiography is released. She died on January 16, 2018, in a clinic in Barcelona, ​​Spain, at the age of 78.


Artist:Madalena Iglesias
Song:Ele e ela
Lyrics:Carlos Canelhas
Composer(s):Carlos Canelhas
Conductor:Jorge Costa Pinto
Running order:8