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©EBU/Alma Bengtsson


Quick Facts

Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas

28 Augustus 1999

🇵🇱 Polish

National Selection
Internal selection 2024

In Eurovision
2024 Malmö

The Tower (2024)


Luna, known offstage as Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas (born on August 28, 1999, in Warsaw), is a prominent Polish vocalist, lyricist, and composer. 

Aleksandra was born in Warsaw. Her educational journey in music began with violin lessons. Furthering her academic pursuits, she attended a high school specializing in law and political sciences, from 2015 to 2018. Subsequently, she embarked on higher education in artes liberales at the University of Warsaw starting in 2018.

Aleksandra’s musical career took off in 2010 when she joined the Władysław Skoraczewski-named Artos children’s choir at the Grand Theatre. Her involvement in operatic performances and theatrical productions at the Grand Theatre marked the beginning of her career in music.

In 2018, her musical direction took a pivotal turn with her collaboration with Kayax record label on the “My Name is New” project, leading to the release of her debut single “Na wzgórzach niepokoju”. This period also saw her taking the stage at notable events, including the Night of Museums and the Pol’n’Rock Festival.

2020 was a transformative year for Aleksandra as she embraced the stage name Luna, collaborating with Michał “Fox” Król and releasing the single “Luna”. This marked a new chapter in her artistic expression, exploring new musical landscapes. She also ventured into incorporating cosmic sounds into her music, evident in singles like “Serca przemokną” and “Mniej”, featuring sounds from space provided by NASA.

Her single “Zgaś” received acclaim, making its mark on the Polish music scene and receiving extensive radio play. Luna’s music, often described as “cosmic pop”, reflects her fascination with the cosmos, nature, and poetry, drawing inspiration from artists like Nick Cave and Björk.

In 2024, Luna was selected to represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “The Tower”, showcasing her talents on an international stage. Unfortunately Luna did not manage to reach the final with her song.

Aside from her musical career, Luna has contributed to theatrical productions and is actively involved in promoting music equality as an ambassador for the Equal Spotify campaign, achieving the distinction of being the first Polish woman featured on Times Square under this initiative.


The Tower

🇵🇱 Poland



Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas
Max Cooke
Paul Dixon

Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas
Max Cooke
Paul Dixon

Maciej Starnawski
Marta Dywicka

Angus Simpson
Jordan Garcia
Julia Żytko

Results Semi

Points: 35
Position: 12
Running order: 6

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –