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Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell

Group members:Lasse Holm
Monica Törnell
National Finals:Melodifestivalen 1986
ESC Entries:E’ de’ det här du källar kärlek (1986)


Lars-Eric Gustav “Lasse” Holm, born December 9, 1943 in Stockholm, is a Swedish songwriter, pianist and singer. During the 1960s, Lasse Holm was a member of the pop- and rockgroups Doug and the Millsmen, The Spacemen and The Moonlighters (in the latter group under the pseudonym Larry Moon). During the 1980s, Holm was a member of Chips and the Rankers, who performed with Mats Rådberg. He got a big hit on the Swedish peak under his own name with the song “Cannelloni, Macaroni (Pizzeria Fantasia)”. Holm was primarily known as a songwriter for the Swedish Melodifestivalen, to which he, alone or together with others, has written 18 contributions. For four of these he has performed as a singer in the competition. He wrote Eurovision entries for Chips (1982), Carola (1983), Kikki Danielsson (1985), himself in duet with Monica Törnell (1986) and Arvingarna (1993).

Monica Kristina Ingeborg Törnell, born June 3, 1954 in Trönö parish in Hälsingland (Gävleborg County), is a Swedish singer and songwriter. After being discovered by Dutch-Swedish troubadour Cornelis Vreeswijk in 1971, she was for two decades a prominent singer in several genres, mainly show and rock. In 2017 she released Understanding Eye, which is her first own album in 25 years. She is the mother of Tobias (born 1973) and Mattias Törnell (born 1980).
Lasse Holm and Monica Törnell teamed up in order to participate in Melodifestivalen 1986, which they won with the song “E’ de’ det här du källar kärlek”


Artist:Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell
Song:E’ de’ det här du källar kärlek
Lyrics:Lasse Holm
Composer(s):Lasse Holm
Conductor:Anders Berglund

Vicki Benckert
Sten Carlberg
Leif  Ingdahl
Lennart Sjöholm

Running order:17