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Krunoslav Slabinac

Name:Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac
National Finals:Jugovizija 1970, 1971, 1973
ESC Entries:Tvoj dječak je tužan (1971)


Krunoslav Slabinac is a Croatian singer, born in Osijek. In the early 1960s, he first founded the rock band Tornado, then Kon Tiki, and finally Dynamite . They won competitions in both Zagreb and Belgrade. Slabinac left the band when he had to do his military service. Returning from it, he started a solo career. He won a song contest for newcomers. In Zagreb he met composer and producer Nikica Kalogjera, who in 1969 allowed him to perform at the Split Festival. A year later, at the Opatija Festival, he won with the song “Više nećeš biti moja”. In 1971, he represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Tvoj dječak je tužan”. Krunoslav Slabinac quickly became one of the most popular singers in the former Yugoslavia, and his compositions “Plavuša”, “Pokloni mi jedan dan”, “Zbog jedne divne crne žene” and “Tri slatke riječi” became big hits.
In the mid 1970s he moved to the USA to build up a career there. When he returned to Yugoslavia he didn’t want to sing pop songs anymore but turned into a folk singer. 
In 2006, Croatia Records released a double album with Krunoslav Slabinac’s greatest hits.
In 2015, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award.


Artist:Krunoslav Slabinac
Song:Tvoj dječak je tužan
Lyrics:Zvonimir Golob
Composer(s):Ivica Krajač
Conductor:Miljenko Prohaska
Running order:16