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Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders

Group Members:

Jon Lilygreen

The Islanders:

Jon Gregory
Sylvia Strand
Katherine Squire
Sean Watts
Charalambos Kallonas

National Finals:

Epilogi tis kypriakis symmetochis

ESC Entries:Life looks better in spring (2010)


Jon Lilygreen is a British singer and songwriter, best known for representing Cyprus in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest alongside the band The Islanders.

Born on August 4, 1988, in Newport, Wales, Lilygreen developed a passion for music from a young age. He learned to play the guitar and started to perform in local venues around his hometown.

Lilygreen’s major breakthrough came in 2010 when he, along with the band The Islanders, was chosen to represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Islanders is a band consisting of musicians from Cyprus, Norway, Scotland, Wales, and England. The group performed the song “Life Looks Better In Spring”, which was written by Nasos Lambrianides and Melis Konstantinou. Despite being a Welshman, Lilygreen was chosen because of his soulful voice that complemented the song. They managed to reach the final, finishing in 21st place.

Following his Eurovision experience, Lilygreen continued his music career and formed a new band called Lilygreen & Maguire with fellow Welsh musician Jon Maguire. In 2012, they released their debut single “Ain’t Love Crazy” and subsequently their most successful single, “Come On Get Higher”. The duo had a successful tour but later decided to part ways in 2014.

After the split, Lilygreen continued his career as a solo artist, often performing at live events and posting covers and original songs on his social media accounts. He also works as a songwriter and has co-written songs for other artists.



Artist:Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders
Song:Life looks better in spring
Lyrics:Nasos Lambrianides

Nasos Lambrianides

Melis Konstantinou

Backing Vocals:
Results Semi
Running order:14
Running order:5
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