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Jean Vallée

© Nationaal Archief, Den Haag

Name:Paul Goeders
National Finals:Belgian national final 1970, 1978
ESC Entries:L’amour, ça fait chanter la vie (1978)
Viens l’oublier (1970)


Jean Vallée was a Belgian singer, born in Verviers. When he was 19 years old, he won a singing contest, and that is where his career started. He began singing his own interpretations of of Gilbert Bécaud, Jacques Brel or Charles Aznavour, and later started writing songs himself. 
In 1966, he won the prize for best French song at Spa and the press prize at the festival in Knokke. In 1967, Jean Vallée represented Belgium at the Festival in Rio. In 1969, he recorded his first album. 
Jean Vallée represented Belgium in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Viens l’oublier”. Eight years later, he returned to the Eurovision stage with the song “L’amour, ça fait chanter la vie”. The song was one of the favourites to win the contest, but in the end became 2nd. Jordan television announced Vallée as the winner because they refused to recognize the actual winner, Israel, as an independent state. Vallée performed with Nicoletta and wrote the song “La vague” for Nana Mouskouri. In 1980, Robert Hossein chose him for the role of Inspector Javert in “Les miserables”.
From 1982 to 1985 he hosted the tv-show “La bonne étoile” at RTBf. In 1989 he created an oratorio “Brel, un impossible rêve”. In 1999, HRH King Albert II of Belgium decorated him with the “Knight of the Order of the Crown” medal.
In 2000, Jean Vallée creates a Christmas show that he gives in churches: “Rêves de Noël”. In 2005, Annie Cordy sings “Je suis Belge” for the 175 year anniversary of Belgium on the main square of Brussels, song written and composed by Jean Vallée. In 2008, he participated in the show “Tenue de soirée”. In the same year, he presented a show in tribute to  Jacques Brel.
Jean Vallée passed away 12 march 2014.


Artist:Jean Vallée
Song:L’amour, ça fait chanter la vie
Lyrics:Jean Vallée
Composer(s):Jean Vallée
Conductor:Jean Musy
Backings:Francine Chantereau
Georges Costa
Michel Costa
Martine Latorre
Running order:10
Artist:Jean Vallée
Song:Viens l’oublier
Lyrics:Jean Vallée
Composer(s):Jean Vallée
Conductor:Jack Say
Backings:3 singers, names unknown
Running order:5

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