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Hugues Aufray

Name:Hugues Jean Marie Aufray
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Dès que le printemps revient (1964)


Hugues Aufray is a French singer-songwriter, guitarist and sculptor. In 1959 he won a contest called Les Numéros 1 de Demain, which resulted in being noticed by Eddie Barclay who made him record his first record in 1959. He became the author of many songs, he co-signed a lot with songwriters Vline Buggy and Pierre Delanoë, but also with Jacques Plante, Claude Morgan, etc. In 1964, Hugues Aufray represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest and came fourth with the song “Dès que le printemps revient”. Some of his songs are well known and are now part of French heritage, such as “Céline”, “Stewball”, “Hasta Luego”, “Adieu monsieur le professeur”, “Le Rossignol anglais”, “Les Crayons de couleur”, “L’Épervier”, “Dès que le printemps revient” and “Santiano”. He was the first French singer to adapt the songs of Bob Dylan. In May 1966, at the Palais des Sports in Paris, on the occasion of the first concert against racism, he sang for Martin Luther King “Les Crayons de couleur”. In July 1984, he sang “The Times They Are a-Changin’ ” duet with Bob Dylan. 
He continued to tour all over France and in French-speaking countries. He was, in October 2014, one of the stars of the ‘Rendez-vous avec les Stars’ tour.
He participated in the tour Âge tendre in November 2016, alongside many artists, like Gérard Lenorman and Sheila.


Artist:Hugues Aufray
Song:Dès que les printemps revient
Lyrics:Jacques Plante
Composer(s):Hugues Aufray
Conductor:Jacques Denjean
Running order:1