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Gitte Hænning

Name:Gitte Hænning
National Finals:

German National Final 1973

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1962

Luxembourg National Final 1978

ESC Entries:Junger Tag (1973)


Gittei s a Danish singer and film actress, who rose to fame as a child star in the 1950s. She moved to Sweden in 1958. Her first hit in Swedish was “Tror du jag ljuger” from 1961. As a teenager, Gitte sang popular hits in German, English, Italian. In 1962 she attempted to compete for Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest, but was disqualified because the composer, Sejr Volmer-Sørensen, had whistled the song in the canteen of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. In 1973 she competed for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest . Her success continued after famous duets with Rex Gildo as ‘Gitte & Rex’ in a number of popular films. Gitte made an attempt to represent Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978 ,but she lost out to the group Baccara. In the 1960s she also starred in several music and drama movies and on TV in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.Through the  decades her singles have still reached the German charts, but never with the same success she enjoyed in the 1960s. In the 1980s, she changed her image and performed more adult-oriented music. She won some awards as a singer/entertainer. Her chart entries ended in the mid 1980s, but she has continued to be a successful live performer .A number of compilation albums have been recently released in Germany, among them a biographical DVD. She had her first chart entry in 1960 in Sweden and her last in 2010 in Germany.


Song:Junger Tag
Lyrics:Stephan Lego
Composer(s):Günther-Eric Thöner
Conductor:Günther-Eric Thöner
Running order:4