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Gérard Lenorman

Name:Gérard Aumard
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Chanteur de charme (1988)


Gérard Lenorman is a French singer and songwriter. He made his first record in 1967. In 1968 he met Brigitte Bardot and wrote two chansons for her (“La Fille de Paille”and “Je voudrais perdre la mémoire”). In 1969 he opened at the tour of Sylvie Vartan. 1970/71 he took the lead role in the French version of the musical “Hair” over from Julien Clerc. In 1971 he signed a record deal , and in the following years his greatest successes appeared, including “Il (Il parle aux oiseaux)”, “Les matins d’hiver”, “Si tu ne me laisses pas tomber”, “Quelque chose et moi”, “La Ballade des gens heureux”, “Michèle”,  “L’enfant des cathédrales”, “Si j’étais president”. In 1986, Lenorman released the song “Les Bleu des regrets”, based on the Berlin classic “Take My Breath Away”, which was released the same year. In 1988 he participated for France in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Chanteur de charme”. In late 2011, Lenorman made a notable comeback when a duet collection, “Duos de mes chansons”, landed in second place on the French album charts. The work included re-recordings of his great successes; He was assisted by colleagues like Tina Arena, Anggun and Patrick Fiori. “Duos de mes chansons” remained in the charts for over a year. Lenorman has four children with his wife Caroline: Mathieu (1974), Justine (1977), Clémence (1980) and Victor (1985). The marriage ended in 1989.



Artist:Gérard Lenorman
Song:Chanteur de charme

Gérard Lenorman
Claude Lemesle

Composer(s):Gérard Lenorman
Conductor:Guy Matteoni
Backings:Lionel Lecreux
Running order:19