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© EBU/Corinne Cumming


Quick Facts

Gunnhild Sundli
Magnus Børmark
Jon Even Schrärer
Mats Paulsen
John Stenersen


🇳🇴 Norwegian

National Selection
Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2024

In Eurovision
2024 Malmö

Ulveham (2024)


Gåte is a Norwegian folk rock band. The group traces its origins to spring 1999 when siblings Gunnhild Sundli, then 13, and Sveinung Sundli performed at Veita Scene in Trondheim, marking the beginning of their musical journey. This performance spurred a collaboration with Magnus Børmark, Halvor Hoem, and Martin Langlie, and soon after, Gjermund Landrø joined the team. Together, they released an EP featuring five tracks, including notable pieces like the lullaby “Byssan Lull” and the hymn “Eg veit i himmelrik ei borg”.

The band achieved significant success between 2002 and 2005, a period marked by the release of their debut album, Jygri, in 2002, which sold 40,000 copies and won a Spellemann Award for “newcomer of the year”. Their music and performances, including a notable presence at by:Larm in Kristiansand and various nominations for prestigious awards, underscored their rising prominence in the Norwegian music scene. Despite their success, the band disbanded in 2005 after a final performance in Setesdal.

From 2005 to 2017, Gåte occasionally reunited for performances, including a notable concert in Oslo in 2005 which was later released as the live album Liva and a DVD featuring additional performances. A brief return in 2009 for a cultural festival in Trondheim led to a mini-tour in 2010, showcasing the band’s enduring appeal.

In 2017, Gåte reformed with a blend of original and new members, including Gunnhild Sundli, Sveinung Sundli, Magnus Børmark, Jon Even Schärer, and Mats Paulsen. This era was highlighted by collaborations with folk musician Knut Buen, resulting in the release of new music that embraced traditional Norwegian folk influences. Their work during this period included the EPs “Attersyn” and “Til Nord”, as well as the studio albums Svevn and Nord, which continued to explore and expand upon Norway’s rich musical heritage.

In 2023, Gåte embarked on their largest tour yet, performing across Norway and Denmark and introducing new material from an upcoming album. Their participation in the Melodi Grand Prix 2024, where they competed with the song “Ulveham” and emerged as winners, solidified their status as leading figures in Norwegian folk rock. Their victory in the competition means Gåte will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, marking a significant milestone in their career.

The group reached the Grand Final in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, after the final they admitted that they were in serious doubt about performing, after the Dutch artist had been disqualified.



🇳🇴 Norway



Sveinung Sundli
Ronny Janssen
Marit Jensen Lillebuen
Gunnhild Sundli
Magnus Børmark
Jon Even Schärer

Sveinung Sundli
Ronny Janssen
Marit Jensen Lillebuen
Gunnhild Sundli
Magnus Børmark
Jon Even Schärer


Results Semi

Points: 43
Position: 10
Running order: 15

Results Finals

Points: 16
Position: 25
Running order: 14