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Frizzle Sizzle

Group members:Mandy Huydts
Marion Keller
Karin Vlasblom
Laura Vlasblom
National Finals:Nationaal Songfestival 1986
ESC Entries:Alles heeft ritme (1986)


Frizzle Sizzle was a teenage girl group. The girls first sang together in the children’s choir ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’, a choir with an annual album and tv-show. When they became too old for the choir, the girls decided to team up and start Frizzle Sizzle. Their debut single “Why do boys?” was released in 1985. Their real breakthrough came when they were chosen to represent The Netherlands in the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest. They had a few hits like “Never give up”, “Second chance” and “Talk it over”. In 1987 they won a Silver Harp for their debut album. In 1990 they sang a world-cup themed song “Alles is oranje”. After this, they split up and all started solo careers. We saw Laura Vlasblom back in the national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest twice: solo in 1992, with the group Airforce in 2005.
For the occasion of ‘Eurovision In Concert’, the annual pre-Eurovision show in Amsterdam, the girls came together to perform.


Country:The Netherlands
Artist:Frizzle Sizzle
Song:Alles heeft ritme
Lyrics:Peter Schön

Peter Schön
Rob ten Bokum

Conductor:Harry van Hoof
Running order:7
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