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Franca Raimondi

Name:Franca Raimondi
National Finals:Festival di Sanremo 1956
ESC Entries:Aprite le finestre (1956)


Franca Raimondi was an Italian singer. She initially studied languages ​​and singing. In 1955, she won a Rai radio competitionout of 6,000 participants. A year later she won the Festival di Sanremo with the song “Aprite le finestre”. That gave her the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 1956. In the same year, she participated in the contest “Le canzone della fortuna”.
Raimondi took part in the festival of Nice in 1957. In that period she signed a contract with Rai tv to perform with the orchestra of Gian Stellari. In later years, she participated in competitions such as Canzonissima and the Bari festival. She made a tour through Canada where she gained great popularity.
Franca Raimondi took part in the “Solo contro tutti” program in 1959 under the direction of Mario Riva. In the same year she performed in the Corrado show, “Il traguardo degli assi”, together with Alberto Rabagliati and Il Duo Fasano. In 1960 she sang “Canzone all’antica” at the Festival of Naples in a duet with Mario Trevi. She did not reach the final. In 1961 she sang the song “Mostra le tue vie” at the Zurich film festival. Raimondi continued to sing until the 1980s. She passed away on 28 august 1988.
Her Eurovision song “Aprite le finestre” could be heard in 2014 in a commercial on Italian television.


Artist:Franca Raimondi
Song:Aprite le finestre
Composer(s):Virgilio Panziti
Conductor:Gian Stellari
Points:secret voting
Running order:7
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