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Filipa Azevedo


Quick Facts


31 07 1991

🇵🇹 Portuguese

National Selection
Festival da Canção 2010

In Eurovision
2010 Oslo

Há dias assim (2010)


Filipa Daniela Azevedo de Magalhães, born on July 31, 1991, in Massarelos, Porto, is a versatile Portuguese singer known for her remarkable talent and dynamic performances across various music genres, including hip-hop, R&B, rock, electronic, Latin pop, jazz, and pop. Raised in Valbom, Gondomar, Filipa’s musical journey began early, leading her to attend the National Conservatory of Music, where she learned to play the transverse flute.

Filipa first gained national attention in 2007 when she won the television competition “Família Superstar” on SIC. Her performances were widely celebrated, with her videos becoming the most viewed among contestants on YouTube and generating numerous supportive blogs. Her exceptional talent on the show led journalist and judge Clara de Sousa to compare her favorably to Amy Lee of Evanescence, while Tozé Brito, a prominent figure in Portuguese music, described her as “a hurricane on stage.” The members of the Portuguese band Anjos also praised her as the best performer in the competition.

Following her success on “Família Superstar,” Filipa Azevedo appeared on various television programs and performed concerts throughout Portugal in 2008. She continued to build her musical career and, at the end of 2009, released her self-titled debut album, “Filipa Azevedo,” under the Iplay label.

In early 2010, Filipa was invited to participate in the television program “Vida Nova” to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake. She performed iconic songs such as “We Are the World” by Band Aid, “The Earth Song” by Michael Jackson, and “Imagine” by John Lennon, showcasing her vocal prowess and humanitarian spirit.

Her career took a significant leap in March 2010 when she won the Festival RTP da Canção with the song “Há dias assim,” written by Augusto Madureira. This victory earned her the honor of representing Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway. Her heartfelt performance of “Há dias assim” captivated audiences and placed her among the notable acts of the competition.

Filipa continued to engage with her audience through various projects and performances. In 2015, she participated in the third season of “The Voice Portugal” on RTP1. Despite being eliminated in the first live show, she made a lasting impression under the mentorship of Anselmo Ralph.

In addition to her singing career, Filipa Azevedo has ventured into acting, particularly in musical theater, further showcasing her artistic versatility. Her contributions to music and theater have solidified her presence in the Portuguese entertainment industry.

Filipa’s discography includes her 2009 debut album “Filipa Azevedo,” and several singles such as “Só eu sei” (2008), “Tu és magia, tu és a paz” (2009, a duet with Susana Azevedo), “Há Dias Assim” (2010), and “Num Instante (Somos Uma Voz)” (2019, a duet with Nelson Antunes). She has also contributed to compilation albums like “Família Superstar” (2007) and “Carrossel de Papel” (2008), a social solidarity CD.

In 2019, Filipa plated in the musical O Princibe Nabo. In December of the same year, she got the role of Cinderella in a play. In 2020, she teamed up with Jakson D’Alva for the song “Arrepio”, dedicated to Black Lives Matter. It was followed by Feiticeiro de Oz (2022) and Bela Adormecida (2023).


Há Dias Assim

🇵🇹 Portugal



Augusto Madureira

Augusto Madureira

Patrícia Antunes
Patrícia Silveira
Pedro Mimoso
Augusto Madureira

Results Semi

Points: 89
Position: 4
Running order: 14

Results Finals

Points: 43
Position: 18
Running order: 23