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Eric Papilaya

© Wikimedia Commons

Name:Eric Papilaya
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Get a Life – Get Alive (2007)


Eric Papilaya is an Austrian singer known for his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eric Papilaya was born on June 9, 1978, in Mödling, Austria. From an early age, Papilaya showed a keen interest in music, encouraged by his parents who were also music lovers. His talent for singing and performing became evident when he started participating in various music contests as a teenager.

His first taste of fame came in 2007 when he was selected to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest. He had been chosen via a national selection process that involved a televised show, “Starmania,” a competition similar to the Idol series. Papilaya’s vibrant personality, paired with his distinct vocal style, earned him a ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki with his song “Get a Life – Get Alive.”

Despite giving a passionate performance, he did not manage to advance beyond the semi-final round of the contest. However, the exposure he gained from Eurovision helped raise his profile significantly in Austria’s music industry.

After Eurovision, Papilaya continued to work on his music, releasing singles and performing at various events. His music style is best described as pop, often blending different genres, and his lyrics often carry a positive message.

Papilaya’s passion for music extends beyond his singing. He has participated in various music-related television shows in Austria, often serving as a presenter or guest judge. 


Artist:Eric Papilaya
Song:Get a Life – Get Alive
Lyrics:Austin Howard
Composer(s):Greg Usek

Thomas Pilat

Nina Weiß

Laura Fernandez

Jerôme Knols

Cedric Lee Bradley

Results Semi
Running order:27
Running order: