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Conny van den Bos

© Wikimedia Commons

Name:Jacoba Adriana Hollestelle
National Finals:Nationaal Songfestival 1965
ESC Entries:Het is genoeg (1965)


Conny Vandenbos was a popular Dutch singer. She had her first radio hit, “Ik ben gelukkig zonder jou” in 1966 and continued to make hit recordings through the 1970s. She made her solo debut in the KRO-Springboard radio show, a showcase for young talent, in which she performed French chansons. After her performance at the Belgian Knokkefestival of 1961, Conny signed a recording contract with Philips. In 1964 she made a television series “Zeg Maar Conny” for the Dutch public broadcaster NCRV. In the early 1970s, Conny parted company from Philips and signed with Basart Records in January 1973. During her contract at Basart several albums were released and her singles charted frequently on the Dutch pop charts. In 1980, while back with Philips Records, Conny released an album of songs by Janis Ian titled “Conny Vanderbos Zingt Janis Ian”. In the 1990s her singing career was put on hold due to lack of record sales and to her other activities, such as hosting radio shows at various national and regional radio stations. In 2000 she was honoured with a tile in the Rotterdam Walk Of Fame. 

Conny Vandenbos died in Amsterdam on 7 April 2002, aged 65, two weeks after it was announced that she was suffering from lung cancer.



Country:The Netherlands
Artist:Conny van den Bos
Song:Het is genoeg
Lyrics:Joke van Soest
Composer(s):Johnny Holshuysen
Conductor:Dolf van der Linden
Running order:1