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Group members:

Josie Andrews
Cheryl Baker
Charlie Brennan
Terry Bradford
Keith Hasler
Paul Rogers

National Finals:A Song For Europe 1976, 1978, 1980
ESC Entries:The bad old days (1978)


Co-Co was a British group of six singers, established in 1974 under the name of  Mother’s Pride. They released two singles but remained unnoticed. They soon changed it into Co-Co. The group participated in ‘A Song For Europe 1976′, in order to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a close call, as their song “Wake up” only missed two points to win the contest. After releasing two singles, “Don’t push me ’round” and “The money song”, they tried again in A Song For Europe in 1978. Their song “The bad old days” was more successful as it won the national selection. The international final however was not a success: they became 11th, being the only UK entry not reaching the top-10 until 1987.
After Eurovision they released their one and only album. The group released three more singles before they changed their line up and name again. They now called themselves The Main Event. With the song “Gonna do my best”, they took part in A Song For Europe again. The group split up soon after this.
Cheryl Baker was probably the most famous of the band members. We saw her back in Bucks Fizz, one of the best selling British groups in the early 1980’s and 1981 Eurovision Winner.
Terry Bradford continued his career as a songwriter and producer. He wrote a song for the 1979 Song For Europe: “Harry, my Honolulu lover”, performed by the Nolan Sisters. He currently forms a musical duo with Sussie Arvesen, with whom he makes concerts of nostalgic content.


Country:United Kingdom
Song:The bad old days
Lyrics:Stephanie de Sykes
Stuart Slater
Composer(s):Stephanie de Sykes
Stuart Slater
Conductor:Alyn Ainsworth
Running order:8