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Bucks Fizz

Group members:Jay Aston
Cheryl Baker
Bobby G.
Mike Nolan
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1981
ESC Entries:Making your mind up (1981)


Bucks Fizz is a British band, created especially to participate in A Song For Europe 1981, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song “Making your mind up” won and caught a lot of international attention, not in the least because of the skirt-rip during the international final. They won the Eurovision Song Contest. The group became very popular in the United Kingdom and outside, with number one hit songs “Making your mind up”, “The land of make believe” and “My camera never lies” and a lot of top-10 hits afterwards. They have sold over 15 million copies worldwide. On 11 december 1984, the band was involved in a car crash, with some of the crew members very seriously injured. All of the group members were treated in hospital, but Mike Nolan was the most seriously injured one. Apart from his wounds he was in a coma for three days; his situation had been very critical for a couple of days. Like the others, also Mike recovered.
When Jay Aston left the band in 1985, she was replaced by Shelley Preston. In 1986, they had a big hit again with “New beginning (mamba seyra)”. The last chart success of the band came in 1988. However, with many changes in the line up, the band still exists, only Bobby G is a member from the beginning who is still a member of Bucks Fizz. The other three original members also perform together as a trio nowadays, called The Fizz.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Bucks Fizz
Song:Making your mind up
Lyrics:Andy Hill
John Danter
Composer(s):Andy Hill
John Danter
Conductor:John Coleman
Running order:14