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Cindy & Bert

Group members:Jutta Berger-Gusenburger
Norbert Maria Berger
National Finals:German national final 1972, 1973, 1978
ESC Entries:Die Sommermelodie (1974)


Cindy & Bert were a German schlagerduo. In the early 1960s they met and formed the group Jutta & The Quintet Royal. Since 1965, they perform as a duo under the name Cindy & Bert. They married in 1967. In 1969, they released their debut single “Saturday morning”, followed by a lot of other hits. In 1971, they were able to give up their daily jobs to be fulltime singers. In 1972, they sang the song “Geh den Straße” in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and were very close to a victory. In 1973, they tried again, but it was only in 1974 when they were internally selected with the song “Die Sommermelodie” to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest. They released singles like “Spaniens Gitarren” (1974) and “Wenn die Rosen erblühen in Malaga” (1975), both huge hits again. In 1978, they did another attempt to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest with the songs “Chanson d’été” and “Was die Sterne lenkt”.
The two kept on performing together until their divorce in 1988. Cindy Berger started a solo career. She took part twice in German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest: In 1988 with “Und leben will ich auch”  and 1991 with “Nie allein”. In 1989, she and Roger Whittaker recorded “Bleib heut’ bei mir”.
Since the mid 90s the duo performed together again. On 14 July 2012 Bert Berger died of pneumonia in a hospital in Düsseldorf. Cindy still performs, made an album in 2014 and released a single with Justin Winter in 2018.


Artist:Cindy & Bert
Song:Die Sommermelodie
Lyrics:Kurt Feltz
Composer(s):Werner Scharfenberger
Conductor:Werner Scharfenberger
Backings:Hans van Hall
Horst Mand
Brigitte Witt
Running order:14