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Bjørn Tidmand

Name:Bjørn Tidmand
National Finals:Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1963, 1964
ESC Entries:Sangen om dig (1964)


Bjørn Tidmand is a Danish pop singer. As a young man, he sang in the Copenhagen Boys Choir. Later, he began performing at the city’s restaurants and nightclubs while doing regular work. In 1959 he recorded his first record single “Seksten et halvt” (Danish edition of “Only sixteen”).
In 1963, his major breakthrough came with the song “Brænd mine breve”, and the same year he participated in the Danish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Amiga mia”, which became 2nd. The following year he won the contest with “Sangen om dig”. He became one of the country’s most popular singers with “Nu ta’r jeg til Dublin”, “Du skal ikke gi’ mig roser” and “Lille sommerfugl”. Bjørn Tidmand was also present when the Danish charts started in 1968. Here he got a number of hits. In the 1970s, among other things, Bjørn Tidmand hosted a television program together with Gustav Winckler, and in the 1980s he released some songs that became hits again. 
Throughout the years, Bjørn Tidmand has toured extensively in major and minor events, and he has been a park entertainer in the Botanical Garden and in Tivoli Freedom in Aarhus for a number of years. In 2016 he made his debut as a speaker of Storm P.’s “Sangforeningen Morgenrødens Pinsetur” at Frederiksberg Runddel.


Artist:Bjørn Tidmand
Song:Sangen om dig
Lyrics:Mogens Dam
Composer(s):Aksel von Rasmussen
Conductor:Kai Mortensen
Running order:4