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Belle & The Devotions

Group members:Kit Rolfe
Laura James
Linda Sofield
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1984
ESC Entries:Love games (1984)


In fact, Belle and the Devotions started as a one-member band, Kit Rolfe being that member. She released two records in 1983: “Where did love go wrong?” and “Got to let you know”. In order to participate in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Laura James and Linda Sofield were added to the group. The song “Love games” won the national selection and thus represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest. There was a lot of controversy around the song. The song was held for a copy of Supremes’ “Baby love”. But the biggest controversy is that Laura and Linda were not singing. Their mikes were not open. A backing trio, hidden off-camera, were doing the majority of the backing singing.
Kit Rolfe also recorded a song with “Eddie The Eagle” (Fly Eddie Fly).


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Belle & The Devotions
Song:Love games
Lyrics:Paul Curtis
Graham Sacher
Composer(s):Paul Curtis
Graham Sacher
Conductor:John Coleman
Backings:Miriam Stockley
Jean Westwood
Running order:6
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