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Quick Facts

Andrea Koevska

14 February 2000

🇲🇰 North Macedonian

National Selection
Za Evrosong 2022

In Eurovision
2022 Turin

Circles (2022)


Andrea Koevska, known by her stage name Andrea  is a North Macedonian pop singer born in Skopje. Andrea plays  guitar and piano, but says that the voice is her strongest instrument. 
Her musical career started quite by accident: she posted short videos on her Instagram account for fun with adaptations and translations of famous pop and rock hits. Her talent and vocal abilities were noticed and recognized by the famous music producer Aleksandar Masevski, who invited her to his studio and offered her a collaboration. He was also the main motivator for her to later enroll at the Faculty of Music – Skopje at the Department of Solo Singing – Popular Genres.
She and Aleksandar decided to start with the lyrics exclusively in English in order for the music to reach the listeners faster and to build an international career easier. Her first song “I Know” was released on October 23, 2020.  In a short time, the song counted hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and more than 4 million views on TickTock. Andrea has also appeared on several podcast shows from Mexico and the Netherlands. In February 2021, as part of the Fejms orchestral music project, she and her team, in collaboration with music composer Bete Ilin, conductor Oleg Kondratenko and video producer Vladimir Mitrevski Gule, performed an orchestral rendition of her songs.

In 2022, she took part in the North Macedonian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, “Za Evrosong 2022”, and she won it with the song Circles. During the opening ceremony, Andrea threw away a North Macedonian flag, in order to have her hands free. North Macedonian broadcaster MRT responded with a statement, in which they said  it was “desecration of a national symbol, which is punishable by Macedonian law”. MRT even considered withdrawal from the contest. That didn’t happen, Andrea apologyzed and sang in Eurovision.



🇲🇰 North Macedonia



Aleksandar Masevski
Andrea Koevska

Aleksandar Masevski

Ana Petanovska
Renata Kralevska

Results Semi

Points: 76
Position: 11
Running order: 11

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –