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Alicja Szemplińska


Quick Facts

Alicja Szemplińska

29 April 2002

🇵🇱 Polish

National Selection
Szansa Na Sukces 2020

In Eurovision
2020 Rotterdam (canceled)

Empire (2020, canceled)


Alicja Maria Szemplińska, performing as Alicja (born April 29, 2002 in Ciechanów) is a Polish singer, songwriter and composer.

At the age of 12, Alicja enrolled in professional singing lessons. In 2016, she won the finals of the TVP1 entertainment program Hit, Hit, Hurra!, and was awarded an invitation to participate in singing classes with Seth Riggs.

In 2019, she participated in The Voice of Poland. She reached the final, in which she won after gaining the most support of television viewers. She signed a record contract with Universal Music Polska. After participating in the program, she released a music video for her debut single “Prawie my”, which exceeded the threshold of 1 million views on YouTube within 10 days of its premiere.

In January 2020, she took part in Szanwa Na Sukces and won this competition too. That gave her the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song “Empires”. However, the contest was canceled on March 18 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until the end of the year, she released a few more singles: “Gdzieś”, “Pusto”, “Kolęda dla nieobecnych” (in collaboration with Piotr Walicki) and “Na pamięć”. She made a guest appearance with the song “Empires” during the final of the 18th Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Warsaw.

In April 2021 she released an acoustic version of the song “Pusto (#OnePerformeSession)”. Together with Walt Disney Records, she released the single “Każda z nas” and in October, Alicja released the single “Ej, stop!” She also sang a duet with Hodak, the song “Spójrz”.

On May 6, 2022, she released the single “IDK” at the new record label Island Records Polska.



🇵🇱 Poland



Patryk Kumór
Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek
Laurell Barker
Frazer Mac

Patryk Kumór
Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek
Laurell Barker
Frazer Mac


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