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Quick Facts

Jan Dulles
Jaap Kwakman
Jan de Witte


🇳🇱 Dutch

National Selection
Nationaal Songfestival 2011

In Eurovision
2011 Düsseldorf

Never Alone (2011)


Formed in 2002 in Volendam, Netherlands, 3JS is a Dutch band known for its melodious fusion of pop and rock with Dutch lyrics. The band originally consisted of Jan Dulles (vocals), Jaap Kwakman (guitar), and Jaap de Witte (guitar). The name ‘3JS’ was derived from the first initials of the three founding members.

The journey of 3JS began in the bustling music scene of Volendam, a town with a rich musical heritage. Initially, they gained recognition for their live performances in local venues, where their combination of poetic lyrics and melodious music won them a dedicated following. Their music, deeply rooted in Dutch culture and language, resonated with a wide audience, contributing to their growing popularity.

In 2007, the band signed a record deal with Warner Music Benelux, marking the beginning of their professional recording career. Their debut album, “Watermensen,” was released in the same year and received critical acclaim. The album’s honest and heartfelt lyrics, combined with the band’s distinct sound, established 3JS as a significant act in the Dutch music industry.

Following their successful debut, 3JS continued to release a series of albums that cemented their status in the Dutch music scene. Albums like “Kamers van m’n Hart” (2008) and “Dromers en Dwazen” (2010) showcased the band’s versatility and ability to evolve their sound while staying true to their roots.

A significant milestone in their career was representing the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with the song “Je Vecht Nooit Alleen.” Although they did not win, their participation brought them international exposure and showcased their talent on a larger stage.

The band underwent a significant change in 2013 when Jaap de Witte had to step down due to health issues. He was replaced by his son, Jan de Witte, marking a new chapter in the band’s history. This transition was seamless, and the band continued to produce music and perform with the same passion and energy.

3JS experimented with an acoustic sound for their album “7.” Preparations included a creative trip to Los Angeles, resulting in several new songs and significant musical inspiration. Most of the album was recorded in Volendam at Studio Arnold Mühren, featuring a live setting with producer Attie Bauw. Notable singles from “7” include “Grenzeloos,” “Samen door,” and “Pas dan laat ik je gaan.”

The 2018 album “NU” marked a shift in sound and production, realized in collaboration with producer Oscar Holleman. The band embraced external influences, evidenced by the collaboration with Diggy Dex on the opening track “Misschien niet nu.” “NU” also featured the poignant “De betere jaren,” reflecting on Jan Dulles’ father’s battle with Alzheimer’s. This album was the last to feature Jan de Witte before his departure for a solo project.

“De Aard Van Het Beest,” released in 2020, introduced the influence of new band member Robin Küller. The album, presenting an Americana sound, was uniquely launched via a live stream due to the pandemic. It included hits like “Dansen tot het over is” and “Het kind in mij,” and a collaboration on “De brug” with co-founder Jaap de Witte.

2021 saw a deluxe edition of the album, featuring new compositions like “Vreemde leegte,” a tribute to Dulles’ late daughter Donna-Maria.

In 2023, 3JS fulfilled a dream with “Mooie Tijden,” recording in an American studio with local musicians and producer Bob Clearmountain. The album, enriched with Americana influences, featured session musicians like Sean Hurley and Victor Indrizzo, encapsulating the band’s evolving musical journey.


Never Alone

🇳🇱 The Netherlands



Jaap Kwakman
Jan Dulles
Jaap de Witte

Jaap Kwakman
Jan Dulles
Jaap de Witte

Brian Zalmijn
Lesley van der Aa
Michèle van der Aa

Results Semi

Points: 13
Position: 19
Running order: 3

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –