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Eurovision In Concert

The Rasmus: we are different from all the others

“Being an artist is not like a regular job. It’s really like you put your heart in it. It’s a little bit like living at the risk all the time,” says Lauri Ylönen, lead singer of The Rasmus. And you probably know that band. Because they are probably the most famous candidates in Turin. They have been around since 1994, but it took almost ten years before they had their international breakthrough. Their first and biggest international hit was “In the shadows” from their also successful album “Dead letters”. Our reporter Kal spoke to the foursome. They tell him that they are different from all the others and want to show that on stage. They also tell you what “Jezebel” is about and that the riff of the song has been on the shelf for a while. Kal also pays special attention to Emilia Suhonen: she is new to the band. Oh yes, and they also talked about… well, see for yourself.

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We Are Domi met at a Halloween Party

We Are Domi is a group with a special composition: Casper Hatlestad and Benjamin Rekstad are from Norway, Dominika Hašková is from the Czech Republic. And to complicate matters, they live in London. We Are Domi won the Czech Republic national selection with the song “Lights off”. The afternoon before Eurovision In Concert, our reporter Kal Engels spoke with the group. About how the group started (yes, they met at a Halloween party!), how they looked forward to Eurovision In Concert, but also about what is so special about Casper’s guitar. So watch the video quickly. It’s more than worth it!

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Zdob și Zdub: Eurovision is not a competition

The Moldovan group Zdob și Zdub already represents their country in the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. In 2005 they finished in sixth place, and also reached the final in 2011. However, Zdob și Zdub has been around for much longer, since 1994. In the beginning they sang in Russian, but in the late 90s they started singing in Romanian. Frații Advahov are two brothers; one plays the violin and the other accordion. They accompany Zdob și Zdub. We spoke to them last Saturday before Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam. “Eurovision is not a competition, it’s like the biggest festival of music, of friendship,” says singer Roman Yagupov. He tells our reporter why the group is participating for a third time. He also explains what the song is about. And, oh yes, what about a possible entry for Romania? So watch the interview!

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WRS: My body is my instrument

Andrei-Ionuț Ursu, better known as WRS, will represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest. He will perform during the second semifinal. WRS was initially primarily a dancer. In 2015 he started his musical career in the boy band Shot. After two years he left the group to move to London, where he started composing music. WRS’ debut single Why was released in January 2020. WRS performed at Eurovision In Concert last Saturday. That was a great opportunity for our raging reporter Kal to ask him some questions. “My body is my instrument”, he explains about his dancing skills. But he also reveals something special about his tattoos. And why does he sing in Spanish? Take a quick look at the interview, and you’ll find out all about it.

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Monika Liu: It’s crazy that it’s now a Eurovision Song

Out of a total of 33 songs, the Lithuanian audience chose Monika Liu. Born in Klaipėda, she studied Jazz at the University there, but also studied at the Berklee College of Music. After several years in London, she now lives in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Monika is a coach at The Voice Lithuania. Monika will perform in the first semifinal. Last Saturday she was at Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam. There she already presented her song “Sentimentai”. Our furious reporter Kal spoke to her. In the interview she reveals, among other things, how she wrote the song. And what does she think that it is now a Eurovision entry? “It’s crazy!” See for yourself!

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