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Blast from the past: Cyprus 1984

We know a lot about Eurovision; this is knowledge we want to share with you. Therefore we’d like to bring you a blast from the past. Today, we have a look at 1984, when Andy Paul represented the country with the song “Anna Mari-Elena”.

Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest

The first Cypriot entry entered the stage in 1981. Although Cyprus never won Eurovision, there were some huge successes. Cyprus was very close to winning back in 2018, when Eleni Foureira reached the 2nd place with her “Fuego”.

National selection

Official lists of the 1984 Cypriot national final are never published. Whether there was a live broadcast or an internal selection is not known. However, there are live recordings of several songs going on throughout the internet. We were able to distill a list of four songs, involved in the contest:

*.”Anna Mari-Elena“, sung by Andy Paul, 1st
*.”Htes”, sung by Lia Vissi-Piliouri, 2nd
*.”Thimame“, sung by Yiannis Dimitrou, 3rd
*.”Triantafila tou mai”, sung by Jimmy Makulis, 4th

Jimmy Makulis had previously represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1961. Lia Vissi-Piliouri had to wait one more year; she was the 1985 Cypriot contestant. Yiannis Dimitrou and his song “Thimame” were supposed to represent Cyprus in 1988. The song was disqualified because it already took part in the 1984 national selection.

Andy Paul

Andy’s real name is Andros Pavlou. In the early 1960’s, he moved to the United Kingdom. As more Greek artists in the United Kingdom do (think about George Michael), Andros took a more English name: Andy Paul. His career as a singer started with performances in a pub, where he took part in a talent contest, he won with an Elvis imitation. It got him a contract at the pub.

In 1983, Andy Paul released his first record: “Heartbreak situation”. The song was produced by the famous producers trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman. A year later he was chosen to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song can be found on his 1986 album “Andy Paul”. An international disco hit followed in 1988: “Now that I’ve found you“. He also released an album, “Andy Paul”, in the same year. In 1989 a new album was made.

Andy Paul is still performing. He currently sings songs from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, especially on weddings and other parties. Some material can be found on his website.

Anna Mari-Elena

The song “Anna Mari-Elena” was an uptempo disco song written by Paul himself. At the Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg the song was not a hot favourite to win the contest. Greece, very often supportive for Cyprus (if not always), did not take part. However, there was a country that gave it’s 12 to Cyprus: Yugoslavia. Denmark awarded the song with 10 points, but only Sweden, Ireland (4 points) and France (1 point) had Cyprus in their top-10. The song ended up in a 15th place.




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