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April 30, 2024

Malmö Messages:

The longest title ever comes from Estonia: “(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”. The performing group is 5miinust & Puuluup. The band members are dressed in black. They play their song under the cubes that are visible in various entries. These cubes change color, similar to what happens on the LED screens behind them. The entry from Israel is “Hurricane,” sung by Eden Golan. Like her Latvian counterpart, Eden also stands in a circle, but a smaller one. It is neon-lit. Inside the circle, there is a wind machine and ladders. Eden is flanked by a group of five dancers. Eden wears a white dress while her dancers are dressed in gray. Norway sings in Norwegian for the first time since 2006. The group Gåte will perform the song “Ulveham.” Singer Gunnhild Sunli stands on a rotating platform among rocks and trees, as if she is by a cave. The graphics are adjusted accordingly. She wears dark green wide pants with a matching top while singing the song. At the end of the performance, one of the guitarists throws his guitar into the air and then catches it again. Joost, representing The Netherlands with his song “Europapa”, wears his iconic blue suit, flanked by two dancers in tracksuits. This seems to be a nod to the gabber scene of the 1990s. Behind a kind of keyboard stands influencer Appie Mussa in a blue and yellow bird costume. Fellow influencer Stuntkabouter also stands behind a small keyboard, but in a ‘regular’ blue suit. The lyrics are projected on the LED screens. The people from especially praise the boundless energy that emanates from this performance.Yesterday, Joost said about showing snippets of the rehearsals: “Why would you do that? You don’t do that for a magician as well”. We got the idea that we don’t know everything about the Dutch act yet….

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Malmö Messages: circles, a lot of fire and an open white shirt

Latvia is represented by Dons with his song “Hollow”. Dons, dressed in a suit with a sleeveless blue jacket, stands alone on stage inside a sort of circle, also in blue with pink and orange. On the LED screens, we see gently blinking lights, as well as circles and other figures. For San Marino, the Spanish group Megara will perform. They sing “11:11”. Just like during the national final, the members of Megara are again dressed in pink and black, but now with a slightly different pattern. The LED screens also display black and pink; we see a forest and dragons; a mix between Snow White and The Addams Family. According to, the dance moves don’t quite match what we expect from a rock band. And of course, there are fireworks: smoke and large fireballs. Nutsa Buzaladze will represent Georgia with a song about her Firefighter. Nutsa starts on a black platform, dressed in a golden mini dress with boots. She stands there alone in red light. Behind her is a glowing circle. However, after the first verse, four dancers in black appear. Throughout the song, the LED screens display fireballs. There is also a lot of, a great deal of fire on stage. It’s becoming a tradition. EBU/Corinne Cumming Then it’s Mustii’s turn. He will represent Belgium with his song “Before the party is over”. During the performance, Musti wears a white shirt that is open. He wears a top with inlaid sparkling stones. He builds the act slowly: at the beginning, he stands in a circle of microphones on a rotating platform. He is not only surrounded by smoke but also smoke appears on the LED screens. At the end of his performance, he steps forward. Then the choir, consisting of Eurovision fans who could send in their singing, can be heard. Especially this part seems to make a big impression.

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