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February 20, 2022

Emma Muscat will sing for Malta

Emma Muscat has won the Maltese national selection. She will sing the song “Out of sight”. The song is written and composed by Emma herself with Antonio Caputo, Gabriel Rossi, Lorenzo Santarelli andMarco Salvaderi. Malta will perform in the 2nd half of the 1st semifinal. Here are the full results: Emma Muscat, “Out of Sight”, 92 pts. Aidan, “Ritmu”, 72 pts. Nicole Azzopardi, “Into the Fire”, 36 pts. Norbert, “How Special You Are”, 34 pts. Denise, “Boy”, 31 pts. Miriana Conte, “Look What You’ve Done Now”, 31 pts. Matt Blxck, “Come Around”, 18 pts. Nicole Hammett, “A Lover’s Heart”, 16 pts. Enya Magri, “Shame”, 15 pts. Richard Edwards, “Hey Little”, 13 pts. Mark Anthony Bartolo, “Serenity”, 11 pts. Sarah Bonnici, “Heaven”, 10 pt. Giada, “Revelación”, 8 pt. Raquel, “Over You”, 8pts. Baklava feat. Nicole, “Electric Indigo”, 7 pts. Janice Mangion, “Army”, 7 pts. Jessika, “Kaleidoscope”, 1 pt.

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It’s Achille Lauro for San Marino

For the 2nd time in Eurovision history, San Marino organized a national final. And Achille Lauro is the winner with the song “Stripper”. San Marino will perform in the first half of the second semifinal. Full results: Achille Lauro, “Stripper” Burak Yeter & Alessandro Coli, “More Than You” Aaron Sibley, “Pressure” Ivana Spagna, “Seriously in Love” Matteo Faustini, “L’ultima parola” Francesco Monte, “Mi ricordo di te (Adrenalina)” Vina Rose, “Sweet Denial” Camille Cabaltera, “Move ‘Em Like You Never Did” Maria Chiara Leoni, “Tiramisù” Tony Cicco, Deshedus & Alberto Fortis, “Sono un uomo”   Unplaced: Alessia Labate, “World Falls Down” Basti, “Running” Cristina Ramos, “Heartless Game” Elena & Francesco Faggi, “Nothing Can Blow Me Out” Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio, “Blu” Kurt Cassar, “Tears of Gold” Mate, “DNA” Valerio Scanu, “Io credo”    

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