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Eurovision Universe Summer Party: Soraya – La noche e para mí

Soraya (Arnelas) was born in n Valencia de Alcántara, Spain on 13 September 1982

Her début album Corazón De Fuegowas released on 5 December 2005. The album got Platinum status.

By the end of 2008, she submitted one of the songs from her latest album, Sin Miedo, “La noche es para mí” to the Spanish preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Russia, being considered the early favourite to represent the country. She was finally chosen to represent Spain on 28 February 2009Soraya’s Eurovision team consisted of a Swedish songwriting team. She heavily promoted in Sweden in the months leading up to the contest. Being an automatic finalist representing Spain, she performed in the 25th position on Final night, finishing second to last. However, juries and televoters did not vote for the song, and it finished in the twenty fourth place.


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